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Young Man Drowns on the Upper Delaware River; NPS Stresses Life Jacket Wear

Upper Delaware S&RR News Release

Release date: Immediate
Contact: Ingrid Peterec
570-685-4871 ext. 6609

Drowning on the Upper Delaware River

Beach Lake, PA – On Saturday, August 27, 2022, the National Park Service, the West End Dive Team, and Lumberland Ambulance responded to a drowning on the Upper Delaware River a quarter mile north of the Pond Eddy Bridge in Pond Eddy, NY. A family group from Ozone Park, NY were rafting on the river when two individuals went in the river to go for a swim. Both were not wearing life jackets. The individuals were observed in distress. While one individual was rescued the second was observed to go under the water. The emergency call came in around 2:17pm and National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers and the West End Dive Team quickly responded to the scene and but unfortunately it was too late.

This makes the first drowning in the park this year. Out of the 75 drownings in the park since 1980, 55% were related to swimming and none of the victims were wearing a properly fitted and fastened lifejacket at the time of their death. High summer temperatures draw people to go into the river to cool off, but the river can be deceiving with swift river currents just beneath the surface and sudden steep drop offs that can cause even the strongest swimmer to panic leading to tragic consequences. Park staff recommend that all river users always wear a properly fitted life jacket at all times when on or near the river. It is the one piece of safety equipment that will save a life when worn properly and is in good condition.

Loaner life jackets are available at the Skinners Falls and Mongaup NYDEC Accesses, at the PAF&BC Lackawaxen Access, and at the Ten Mile River Access. Please remember to wear a life jacket not only for yourself but for your friends and family and can make all the difference in the world to those you love.


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