three fisher people wading in the river and a rowboat

Photo Credit: David B. Soete

still river in the summer

Photo Credit: David B. Soete

a series of short cascading falls along side large flat boulders

Photo Credit: David B. Soete

looking up river towards Hancock, NY

Photo Credit: Insert Name

stark ariel photo of a boat with two fisherman

Photo Credit: David B. Soete

Winter on the Delaware River

Photo Credit: David B. Soete

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rapids and bank vegetation
Photo Credit: David B. Soete
Did You Know?

The main stem of the Delaware is the longest free-flowing (undammed) river east of the Mississippi. Tributary river flows are controlled by upstream reservoirs operated by the City of New York. Under a 1954 Decree signed by the United States Supreme Court, in times of normal precipitation and runoff, the average daily flow at the northernmost river gauge in Montague, New Jersey must be maintained at 1,750 cubic feet per second.