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Upper Delaware Litter Sweep: Quarantine and Clean?

NARROWSBURG – The current COVID-19 safeguards have resulted in the cancellation of a March 31 follow-up meeting for the Upper Delaware Litter Sweep that was planned at the Upper Delaware Council office in Narrowsburg.

However, coordinators are rallying individuals throughout the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Valley of NY and PA to move forward with roadway and front yard clean-up efforts for the April 22-25 event, as communications pivot from in-person meetings to virtual communications via phone, email, Facebook, and the event website.

For updates and more information on how to get involved, please visit or the Facebook page at

Contact Upper Delaware Litter Sweep Project Coordinator Dan Paparella at or (570) 468-3904 to get assistance with route planning, safety training, equipment distribution, connections to other volunteers, and information on free litter disposal in various areas.

Organizers are still planning and hoping for the Litter Sweep to culminate with a festive volunteer recognition event on Saturday, April 25, at The Narrowsburg Union.

One activity will be the filling of “litter letters” with litter to be contributed by volunteers. This educational and artistic installation will debut on the front lawn of the Union at 7 Erie St. Other communities around the bi-state watershed are encouraged to construct and display their own litter letters (see The April 25th event will also include programming to discuss litter effects and prevention. Additional details will be released.

While all group-based activities for the April 22-25 timeframe are subject to cancellation depending on the development of COVID-19 over the next month, litter sweeping remains an activity that can be done with close family and friends as a fun, safe, and productive way to get some fresh air and positively contribute to the health and well-being of our watershed and world.

Any organizations interested in adding the Upper Delaware Litter Sweep to their own Facebook event lists to help spread the word may request to co-host the event.

All volunteers who plan to pick up litter are encouraged to fill out the questionnaire available on the website and to share their photos via Facebook or email.


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