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Upper Delaware Council to Swear in Officers on Feb. 2

Caption: Aaron Robinson, right, previously chaired the Upper Delaware Council five years ago with Shohola Township Supervisor Greg Hoeper serving as 2018 officiant.

NARROWSBURG – A swearing-in ceremony and reception for 2023 officers of the Upper Delaware Council will take place at the non-profit organization’s February 2 monthly meeting.

Shohola Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Gregory P. Hoeper will administer the oaths of office to Chairperson Aaron I. Robinson (Shohola Township, PA); Vice-Chairperson Virginia Dudko (Town of Deerpark, NY); and Secretary-Treasurer Alan F. Henry (Berlin Township, PA), who were elected by their peers to serve on the UDC Executive Committee at the January 5 annual meeting.

The board and staff will meet earlier at 6:30 p.m. to conduct annual training in sexual harassment prevention as required for New York State workplaces, then will call the business meeting to order at approximately 7:15 p.m.

Open to the public, the meeting will take place in person at the 211 Bridge St., Narrowsburg, NY office with a remote participation option by Zoom. An annual UDC board portrait and a reception with cake and coffee will follow the meeting.

Please contact UDC Secretary Ashley Hall-Bagdonas at (845) 252-3022 or to request the agenda or Zoom link in advance, as well as to confirm any winter weather disruptions. Visit or the UDC’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for more information.


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