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UDC Grants Benefit Tusten Zoning

NARROWSBURG – The Upper Delaware Council (UDC) awarded an $8,622.50 Fiscal Year 2023 Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) to the Town of Tusten on October 6 to integrate all its recent zoning law updates into an online document.

This brings the cumulative amount that the UDC has awarded since 1988 through the TAG program to $930,274.50 for 262 projects by its member municipalities or counties.

The UDC’s resolution approving the $8,622.50 TAG award for Fiscal Year 2023 was based on Tusten’s submission of an application by the August 19 deadline and its presentation at a special meeting of the Project Review Committee on September 13.

Town of Tusten Deputy Supervisor Jane Luchsinger submitted the proposal to integrate disparate sections of the Tusten Zoning Law into one complete online document that will be indexed and easily accessible to the code enforcement officer, planning board, zoning board of appeals, prospective businesses or homeowners, and the public through posting on the town’s website and eCode360 program.

The Tusten Town Board will hire General Code of Rochester, NY and Peter Manning from Genius Loci Planning of Bovina Center, NY to variously undertake obtaining final legal reviews of draft amendments, assembly of the documents, presentation to the Zoning Rewrite Committee and Town Board, consultation with the new Conservation Advisory Council, adoption of a new local law after the required agency reviews, the codification and digital supplementation process, and uploading the content onto public service platforms.

The entire project is expected to cost $17,245. The deadline for its completion will be August 18, 2023, with a Mid-Term Progress Report due by February 17, 2023.

The UDC Operations Committee authorized payment of $4,700 to the Town of Tusten on August 23 for successfully completing its Fiscal Year 2022 Technical Assistance Grant.

For that project, the town had also retained consultant Peter Manning to finalize revisions to the Tusten Zoning Law that were underway since 2017 and reenact a Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) as a follow-up to the Town of Tusten Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2021.

The result was the preparation of Tusten Local Law #1-2022 which was subject to public hearings and UDC/NPS review, and Local Law #2-2022 to establish a CAC with the overall purposes to create an Open Space plan, ensure wise use of the town’s natural resources, and enhance and protect the town’s environment.

The total project cost was $12,324.39, including a review of the entire zoning code.

The UDC allocates a share of its operational funding from the National Park Service to support projects that meet the goals and objectives of the 1986 River Management Plan for the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.

The Council’s eight member New York towns, currently five Pennsylvania townships, and the river valley counties of Delaware, Sullivan, Orange (NY), Wayne and Pike (PA) are eligible to compete.

Please visit the Technical Assistance Grants page at, or contact UDC Resources and Land Use Specialist Kerry Engelhardt at (845) 252-3022 or for more information.


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