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Specifications for Upper Delaware Council Records Management Project


The Upper Delaware Council, Inc. seeks proposals from consultants experienced in records management to draft a schedule for disposition and retention of records, inventory and categorize documents, develop a file management system, and train staff of the non-profit, bi-state organization in Narrowsburg, NY. Project specifications posted at or call (845) 252-3022. Proposals due by noon on 9/3/19.

Addendum to Specifications as of 8/20/19:

Note: The quantity of files for this project totals approximately 270 cubic feet in storage boxes and 96 cubic feet in file drawers.

Upper Delaware Council Records Management Project
Specifications as of August 14, 2019

Project Goal: Retain an outside consultant in an independent contractor capacity to oversee a Phase 3 Records Management project which will draft policies and procedures to guide and implement the systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use, and disposition of Upper Delaware Council records.

Information on the Organization: The Upper Delaware Council, Inc. (UDC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1988 with a certificate to do business in New York State. Its business office is located at 211 Bridge St. in Narrowsburg, Sullivan County, NY. It operates under a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, as its federal partner to cooperatively manage the Congressionally-designated Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. Members are eight New York towns and five Pennsylvania townships, the State of New York, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Delaware River Basin Commission, who appoint individuals to represent their interests on the Council. A full-time staff of three employees – an Executive Director, Resource Specialist, and Secretary – carries out the board’s directives. Documents are currently situated in easily-accessible and hospitable attic storage (generally labeled boxes and materials on wire shelves), portions of 21 file cabinets, digitized files of meeting minutes and newsletters, miscellaneous boxes, magazine files, a safe, a map file, four book shelves, four desk drawers, and on four computers.

Record-keeping Authority: The Final River Management Plan: Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River: New York and Pennsylvania (1986) assigns the following action to the Upper Delaware Council: “The maintenance of all permanent and current records of the plan, development approvals, letters of interpretation, meeting records, transcripts, minutes, and other information related to plan preparation and implementation” (page 23). The Cooperative Agreement assigns to the UDC: “Recordkeeping: The recipient will keep records concerning this Agreement in accordance with the requirements of the General Provisions, CFR and applicable Office of Management and Budget Circulars” (Article IX, Reports, Records and Deliverables). Copies of permanent UDC records need to be securely stored at the National Archives, according to the Federal Records Act. The National Park Service Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is accountable to assure that records are transferred.

Consultant’s Responsibilities: Perform the following services in their entirety or in portions indicated in the bid:
1. Inventory and identify the major records groups in the UDC’s custody in consultation with staff.
2. Categorize records in hard copy and electronic formats, distinguish materials that are excluded from being records, and advise on which records are permanent vs. temporary.
3. Develop a Records Schedule for Disposition and Retention based on prevailing legal, regulatory, and operational requirements.
4. Create a File Management System with universal classification standards. Re-house and label the records, or alternatively provide training to staff to implement. Advise on supplies needed.
5. Conduct training for UDC employees on File Management, Records Documentation and Retention Policies, and Records Disposal.

Timeline and Proposal Requirements: Proposals are due by Tuesday, September 3, 2019, in the form of a written statement of services to be performed, their associated costs including any travel reimbursement, and the anticipated timeframe to complete each task. A contract stating a base, fixed cost amount must be executed no later than Sept. 23, 2019. The work period may begin immediately upon the contract’s signature. The UDC would like to complete the project within six months from the start of work (approximately April 2020). In addition to the bid price and estimated schedule, include in the proposal a description of how the outlined responsibilities will be met, qualifications of the individual(s) to be assigned to the job, and references. Proposals will be duly evaluated by the Operations Committee of the Upper Delaware Council and all bidders will be notified of the outcome.

Payment: Due to the flexibility in the scope of services, no specific fee or budget is offered for advance review. The Upper Delaware Council approves the payment of bills on a monthly basis unless otherwise indicated in the contract. Invoices for services rendered must be received on the Friday before the 4th Tuesday of the month to qualify for that month’s billing cycle.

Disclaimer: This is an independent contractor position, subject to the completion of an IRS W-9 form for the UDC’s issuance of a 1099-MISC informational return. Neither the Upper Delaware Council nor its officers, directors, or employees will be responsible for providing said independent contractor with health or disability insurance, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, non-travel expenses except upon negotiation in the contract, and deducting or withholding federal taxes, state taxes, Social Security, or other standard deductions usually incident to employment.

Further Information: Direct any questions to Upper Delaware Council Executive Director Laurie Ramie at (845) 252-3022,, or the address below.

Please send the proposal by Sept. 3 electronically to or by hard copy mail or delivery to:

Upper Delaware Council
P.O. Box 192
211 Bridge St.
Narrowsburg, NY 12764-0192


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