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Statement from Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River on the Resumption of Full Operations

Release date: January 28, 2019
Contact(s): Kristina Heister, Superintendent; 570-729-8251 x2225

Beach Lake, PA – With the enactment of the continuing resolution, staff at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River will resume regular operations on Tuesday January 29, 2019. The delay in resumption of regular operations is due to the need to ensure safe access to park facilities for employees and visitors. We anticipate it will take 1-2 days to plow parking areas and walkways to provide access to employee offices and potentially longer to fully open the Roebling Bridge area. All areas of the park are expected to be accessible to the public by Friday February 1, 2019. Please visit for updated information about the park.

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River employees are happy to be back at work, serving the American people and welcoming visitors to their national parks.


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