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Put Your Stamp on Every National Park Experience

Since 1986, national park visitors across the country have turned to the Passport To Your National Parks program to preserve cherished memories of their park travels by collecting ink cancellations at every national park they visit.  This year the program is celebrating its 35th birthday!  For 35 years, the Passport to Your National Parks program has assisted visitors explore and protect the vast natural, cultural, and historic treasures of America.

Locally, memories can be preserved by collecting the (three) cancellation stamps available for Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River at the outdoor Passport Stamping Station located at 274 River Road, Beach Lake, Pennsylvania. 18405.  The self-service station is aptly supplied with an ink pad, scrap paper, cancellation stamps, and is available to visiting public any time of day and every day of the year.  This eliminates the need to find the park building that might be open and hope they have the cancellation stamps available.  The Passport Stamping Station is conveniently located at the edge of the visitor parking lot at park headquarters and is adjacent to visitor information panels providing maps, brochures, and important information that may help you plan the rest of your visit at Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River.  The Passport Stamping Station is handicapped accessible.

Nearly every park in the National Park System participates in the Passport program.  When planning your next national park visit you can find out which locations house the cancellation stamps by visiting:  Passport Cancellation Locations – America’s National Parks (  In recent years a special Junior Ranger Passport for kids has been added to the program and this cancellation is also available at Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River.  If you would like more information about Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River or assistance in planning your next adventure visit:  Have fun making memories and collecting your cancellations!


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