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National Park Service Looking for a Visual Information Specialist by June 7

Great news: our Visual Information Specialist position is live on USA Jobs. The position is announced in conjunction with several other park units and will remain open through June 7th. As a reminder, this is a Term position with an initial appointment expected to last at least 13 months but may be extended up to a total of four years.

Visual Information Specialist
This Visual Information Specialist, GS-1084-11 position is being advertised for multiple National Park Service locations. See the “Duties” section for locations and anticipated Term Not to Exceed (NTE) periods.



This is a term position (more than 1 year) with an initial appointment expecting to last at least 13 months but may be extended up to a total of four years, or more based on any changes to regulations governing the number of years term appointments may last, without further competition. Term positions do not convey permanent status in the Federal service.

The National Park Service retains the right to extend the duration of this appointment after selection and/or appointment, based on changes to the regulation governing the number of years term appointments may last. This change, which may be made at the agency’s sole discretion and without further competition, shall not be construed or interpreted as the granting of a right to a selectee or employee to such an extension. No extension to a term appointment shall be granted to a selectee/employee to an amount of time that exceeds the maximum number of years authorized under any present or current regulation, unless such regulation expressly allows such action.

The following park locations are included in this announcement. See information for the Term period, salary and park location below:

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (KLGO) – TERM NTE: 2 years. Salary Range – $77,898 – $101,263 per year. In addition to your annual salary, you will receive a 3.53% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), subject to annual review and adjustment.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park (CHOH) – TERM NTE: 4 years. Salary Range – $78,592 – $102,166 per year.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine (FOMC) – TERM NTE: 4 years. Salary Range – $78,592 – $102,166 per year.

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River (UPDE) – TERM NTE: 4 years. Salary Range – $80,769 – $104,996 per year.

George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) – TERM NTE: 2 years. Salary Range – $78,592 – $102,166 per year.

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument (KAWW) – TERM NTE: 13 months. Salary Range – $69,107 – $89,835 per year.

Please visit find a park for additional park information.

As a Visual Information Specialist, this position provides support in the Division of Interpretation and Education at the Park through the creation and development of interpretive media.

The Visual Information Specialist develops, advocates, and implements an overall strategy for enhancing the quality and scope of interpretive and digital media throughout the park. Work includes developing original designs, concepts, and visual styles for publications, exhibits, web content, or other presentation media using appropriate visual materials, techniques, or emerging media for the intended audience.

The Visual Information Specialist applies knowledge of design principles, subject matter, and audience interests to provide interpretive support that results in high-quality media products including universal design. The position offers training and guidance to parks and programs on fulfilling all aspects of 508 Compliance. The position serves as the parks web manager and digital strategist, offering professional and technical support, advice, training, interpretation of rules, regulations, and guidelines to a broad range of parks and programs across the park.

The position recommends ways for the park to meet audience needs and interests while also supporting interpretive goals and desired outcomes. The position serves on many multi-disciplinary project teams requiring a high degree of communication, collaboration, and cooperation to encourage excellence and achieve desired outcomes. Teams often include park partners, advocates, subject-matter experts, and contractors.


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