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Fremont Completes 2015 UDC Grant

NARROWSBURG – The Upper Delaware Council approved a $4,018 payment to the Town of Fremont, NY on July 28 to mark the successful completion of its 2015 Technical Assistance Grant project.

Under the coordination of Code Enforcement Officer James McElroy, the town worked with vendors Williamson Law Book Co. of Victor, NY and Chorba Consulting, Inc. of Beach Lake, PA to purchase, install, and conduct training in the use of new computer software which tracks key areas managed by the building, planning, and code enforcement office.

These include issuing permits, variances, subdivisions, and violations; generating municipal property lists; printing county and state-required reports; and creating files to facilitate statistical reporting and monitoring of trends.

The Town of Fremont spent a total of $5,440.84 on the project, which introduces an efficient, time-saving system that will provide quick access to accurate data in the future.

The UDC approved 11 Fiscal Year 2015 Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) totaling $28,928 on Oct. 2, 2014. The deadline for project completions is August 21, 2015.

Since its inception in 1988, the UDC has awarded a cumulative total of $774,325 to fund 230 projects through the TAG program.

The grants are available competitively to the UDC’s 13 member towns and townships, and five encompassing county governments in NY and PA, for non-construction projects that address goals and needs identified in the River Management Plan for the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. TAG applications for the Fiscal Year 2016 round are due by August 28.

For guidelines and a directory of projects accomplished under the Technical Assistance Grants program,
please visit Contact UDC Resource Specialist Travis O’Dell at (845) 252-3022 or with any questions


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